Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Start the election without me

I didn't vote in November's election, though I very much wanted to. I requested an absentee ballot from Washington County in August 2006, just before I returned to China the second time. The ballot never came. Alyssa Chamberlain and Neal Palmer with whom I was teaching in Weihai received theirs. The US elections went on, minus the vote of one Rosalind Gann.

This past week I received a note from the foreign teacher program at Shandong University in Weihai. Seems an envelope from America had arrived for me. Its return address was the Washington County Board of Elections in Jonesborough, Tennessee. I was pretty sure what it was, and I asked ETSU's current exchange teacher, Theresa McGarry to open the envelope. Sure enough! An absentee ballot, five months late.

It had been sitting someplace undelivered. Maybe because it was addressed in English, someone had set it aside. Mail to China usually moves faster than this, but you never know.


Ruth said...

Hummm...I'm surprised they didn't open it.

Marie & Dennis said...

Hi Roz,
The mail box looks just like the ones from England, except the English ones are red.

JR's Thumbprints said...

In that case, I demand a recount!

What does tomorrow mean? It is 5:30 pm here, but at home it’s 5:00 in the morning. I leave Weihai tomorrow and make a stop in Beijing. ...