Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Take me home, please!

In some parts of China, big dogs are raised as livestock and eaten. Miniature dogs are popular pets, though, especially since families became smaller with the one child policy. The government forbids people to keep big pets in the cites. This is understandable, given how close together people live. The dog in the picture above was allowed to enter the campus super market, and people started petting it.

Cats are less often kept as pets in this country. They typically live outside and are used to suppress the rat population. College students sometimes feed the cats on this campus, and the cats seek human attention.

This cat (below) was nuzzling the young lady pictured below, but the girl explained in forceful Chinese this cat was not hers. The cat became interested in me, but I told it I live in America and have cats already. Knowing how our older cat Butter reacted when the younger Jasmine arrived, I can only imagine how our two cats would react if a Chinese cat arrived in their household. Besides, I'm not sure the US government would allow us to bring a pet back with us.

Amy Ramsey, who is looking after our cats, tells us Butter and Jasmine are doing well.

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Amy said...

That's a cute cat, but not as cute as Butter or Jasmine!

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