Friday, June 18, 2010

Remembrance of things past

This is the sixth visit we've made to China, so at this point, we have something of a shared history with those we visit. Many have been to our home when they've come to the States.

Today, Professor Liu, presented me with a flash drive containing many pictures from last year's Summer Institute on English Pedagogy at ETSU. I had no official connection with that program last year, but the participants came to our home one evening, where we served them Joe's famous chili with cornbread. After dinner, we fixed popcorn and ice cream sundaes and in honor of Joe's home state, we watched "Oklahoma" on the plasma TV. Joe wore pointy-toed boots and a bull rider's hat for the occasion. Our guests were so taken with Joe's Southwestern get-up that they asked to take pictures wearing the bull rider's hat.

I'd almost forgotten what a special gathering it was. I'd taken no pictures that night-- keeping everything organized took lots of effort.

Above: Institute Participants, 2009 gather around our table.

Below: Himself in the bull rider's hat; One of our many beautiful Chinese guests borrows it; not to be outdone, yours truly models it.

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