Sunday, June 13, 2010

A characteristic of the breed

Semester exams have begun here, but the special class in English composition continues 'til Thursday. My students write essays which I send back to them with comments for revision. I do this all on computer and stay up to date on my grading. I've never thought of myself as obsessive, but Joe assures me I am, at least about this.

Well, despite their celebrated industriousness, my Chinese students maintained that I was not returning their work, and therefore they could not revise it. Reminded me of ETSU students who claim our computerized D2L grading system was "losing" their work. Sort of an e-version of "The dog ate my homework." Apparently, such claims are universal among students-- a characteristic of the st breed.

I long ago learned to back data. Not only is the corrected work on my flash drive, but my course partner, Professor Guo Tao gets a copy.

Above: A student leader making announcements in class.

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