Monday, June 28, 2010

Passage of Time

We have a group of friends here in China whom we see only once a year but frequently instant message or email..When we get together, it makes me very aware of the passage of time.

In 2006, when I first arrived in Nanjing, Carl and Jenny's daughter Doreen had not been born (seen above with Carl); Bonnie's daughter Miranda was just finishing elementary school. Now, she has several years of high school under her belt and tells me she wants to study at ETSU. (Miranda is seen with her mother below). Sandy (pictured with me below) was not yet married in 2006. She too has a child now.

Yesterday, our group had a Carl Mather's favorite Pujabi restaurant on Lion Bridge Road in Nanjing. In 2006, we put together a teacher training program for the Nanjing Department of Education. It was very successful, and our group has remained close.

Lion Bridge Road is a "walking street" i.e., no cars are allowed. Joe and I have had very good times here, strolling around and poking into the shops. There are often interesting commercial displays, such as the one of the lion below, pictured with Joe.

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