Monday, June 28, 2010

Any Relation?

The Gann family, into which I am married, has organized an historical society celebrating the roots of people named Gann. They publish a quarterly newsletter and hold annual reunions. Hundreds of years ago, the family migrated from the Franco-German Palitinate. Most Ganns live in the American South and Southwest, and supposedly, we're all related to each other by blood or marriage. Some Ganns are obsessed with working out geneologies and will lend a hand to Ganns with similar interests. There's even a Gann family cook book.

Yesterday, we visited the Nanjing Museum of Folklore housed in an ancient mansion which, until modern times, belonged to a family named 甘, which in Chinese is pronounce Gan. Do you suppose...? Maybe some of these Gans would like to attend a reunion, or help revise the cook book which is heavy on fried chicken, cream pies and grits.

Photos taken at the Gan family mansion, AKA The Nanjing Museum of Folklore

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