Sunday, September 23, 2007

Make a wish!

No doubt you've heard of the Make a Wish Foundation, the organization that grants desperately ill and needy children's wishes to meet their favorite ball player or visit Disney World. I am neither desperately ill, nor needy, nor a small child; but last week one of my greatest (and nerdiest) dreams was realized. I got to present at the Poznan Linguistic meeting in Gneizno, Poland. Much of the time was spent at the conference center, but we did go into town one beautiful fall day to view the cathedral (above).

Some of the world's pre-eminent linguists were in attendance and available for conversation at meals and social events. The noted sociolinguist, Peter Trudgill (1st below), whose work I had long admired, was at my presentation on linguistic accommodation. This experience was both exhilarating and intimidating. I was so uptight that I wore my one pair of dressy shoes-- the ones I bought to wear to my dissertation defense; these are still practically new.
Among the many lingusitic "treats" were Prof. John Ohala's talk on historical
linguistics (2nd below) and Prof. Helen Dry's plenary address on linguistics and technology.

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quig said...

Cool trip, glad you're back....

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